Briefly in English

The Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee has promoted safe, economic and environmentally friendly operation of recovery boilers and closely related processes since 1964.

The Committee collects information about incidents involving recovery boilers and provides details of these to its members. The Committee publishes guidelines, recommends practices and arranges conferences and meetings.

The Committee conducts and supports research projects related to safe operation and improved economy of recovery boilers.

The members of the Committee include pulp mills, recovery boiler manufacturers, a number of insurance companies and automation system suppliers, engineering companies and research organisations in Finland.

The highest decision-making body of the Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee is the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Board is resposible for the handling of membership applications which are to be approved at the Annual General Meeting.

There are five sub-committees:

  • the Material Sub-committee
  • the Black Liquor Sub-committee
  • the Environmental Sub-committee
  • the Automation Sub-committee 
  • the Program Sub-committee