Suomen Soodakattilayhdistys, The Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee, TAPPI, PACTAC, APPITA and PI are presenting the 2014 International Chemical Recovery Conference (ICRC) in Tampere, Finland. Held every three years since the 1980s, this is the preeminent conference in the area of chemical recovery technology in the pulp and paper industry.

Year 2014 will also mark the 50th year of recovery boiler cooperation in Finland. To celebrate the occasion, a special session will be arranged by the Finnish Recovery Boiler Committee.

ICRC - the leading event for chemical recovery technology in the pulp and paper industry - will be held on June 8-13, 2014 in Tampere, Finland.

The conference will focus on all areas of Chemical Recovery including: environmental quality, improvements in recovery operations, benefits of new technology, and technical descriptions of successful solutions.

How to make your travel to Finland even more worthwhile?
Visit the PulPaper 2014 event on June 3-5 in Helsinki, the world’s premier pulp and paper exhibition, the top class international conference and, for the event's 8th edition, a grand 100th anniversary celebration of PI (the Paper Engineers Association).

Additional information:
Markus Nieminen
FRBC secretary
+358 10 33 22525